Vogan Creative is a social media marketing and athlete management collective. We want to boost your brand – whether you’re an athlete, a small business or managing an event. We like the idea of having no limits – so we’re open to everyone. Our background is the action snowsport industry – and we’re dedicated to helping action sport brands and athletes get the exposure and awareness they deserve.

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What do we do?

Creative Marketing

Social Media has been our passion and expertise all along: we’ve managed brand’s channels, produced analysis reports, created content, brainstormed ideas for projects, driven engagement, increased followings and boosted brands’ social presence.

So what can we do for your brand? Any, and all, of the above – plus much more.


Creative Performance

We’ve worked with athletes of all abilities – from their first ventures into the world of freestyle skiing & snowboarding, or dialling in the trick that was going to help them clinch the podium in their run. We’ve witnessed the pressures that athletes face inside and outside of competition – and we want to take some of that pressure of the athlete, and let them get down to the real business: Enjoying their sport.


Creative Events

Judging, commentating, planning, and social media coverage. We’ve got a tonne of experience in working at events – and whether you want us on hand to ensure that your event gets the social media coverage it deserves or just bounce a few thoughts off of us in your idea generation stage – we’re happy to help make your event the best it can be.


We love action sports – they’ve been the backbone of our sporting participation. As an athlete, action sports encourage you to push the boundaries, engage your creativity, and explore the landscape with your friends. They teach an athlete the values of persistance, determination, success, failure and individuality.


We want to help athletes, brands and events shine in this incredible industry.

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Who are we?

DSC_0144I’m Gareth – a 25-year old Snowsports Professional with a creative flair for social media marketing and a passion for sports. I’m a fully qualified snowboard judge and coach, with a career in marketing and I’ve ended up in front of the camera for Eurosport, the BBC and numerous video projects.


Also involved is my golden doodle Henry, who is head of HR. He hardly contributes anything, is incredibly lazy, but he’s got a lovely personality, and is easily bribed with cocktail sausages or rope toys. He’s also the poster boy for the majority of our social content. Because who doesn’t want to see his fluffy face on their newsfeed in a morning?

I tweet, he barks, and neither of us listen to the other. We make a pretty good (if a little odd) team.


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My full-time 9 to 5 (but lets face it, social media is a 24/7 world) is in snowsports marketing and communications. As such a lot of my social media successes are less individual projects and more part of a longer term strategy, but there’s plenty of information from this that I can share and help your brand with.

Check out the Vogan Creative Blogs for various articles we’ve written on social media marketing, athlete management and events, as well as the wise words from Dopey Dood himself – in Doopey Dogblog.