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Meet Jack

This is Jack. Jack's a videographer that has turned an huge variety of sports into beautiful and engaging video content.

From event highlights, through professional interviews to award-winning documentaries, Jack's eye for cinematic shooting and his attention to detail whilst editing is second-to-none.

What's your content idea that is going to be Jack's next challenge?

Meet Gareth

This is Gareth. He's our Creative Director and the brains behind creating and delivering the content strategies that our brand's audiences love to engage with.

Gareth was Head of Communications at Snowsport England before setting up Vogan Creative. His passion lies in social media marketing, but he's designed websites, created drool-worthy email marketing campaigns and written audience-capturing blog articles.

When his mind isn't in the social media world, it's likely to be in the outdoors - snowboarding, dog-walking, running, biking, skateboarding or wakeboarding. Sport has always been Gareth's lifelong passion and he's keen to keep it that way.

Meet Henry

This is Henry. He is absolutely useless when it comes to any form of marketing.

However he's cute, loves an idea-generating walk in the countryside, and is one of the most valuable members of the team.

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Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your social media channels.. Get a free initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works. 

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Case Studies

How we changed the digital coverage of ski racing in the UK [Case Study]

Exciting, engaging - and broadcast to more than 10,000 people.

See what's possible with live-streaming

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A social media campaign for the 2018 Winter Olympics [Case Study]

Engaging with the audience for the world's biggest sporting event

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A social media campaign to support the 2018 Winter Olympics

Gareth Vogan

Our Campaign

In 2018, Snowsport England ran a participation campaign alongside the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, called PyeongChang to Piste. The aim of the campaign was to use the energy and excitement of the Games to encourage more and more people in the UK to try skiing and snowboarding. 

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1 - Our Winter Olympic Goals

We were tasked with creating exposure of the campaign on social channels, reaching a wider target audience than Snowsport England were currently reaching, and drive more traffic to the campaign-specific website.

We had access to the key channels, but limited resources for content except for what other brands and athletes were able to produce - which was limited due to the winter Olympic media blackout. 

We had to get creative with it.

2 – Our Strategy

We recognised that Twitter was where the Olympic conversations were going to take place, and using Tweetdeck, we created specific Twitterfeeds related to certain phrases - such as "winter olympics", "pyeongchang" etc. We monitored these constantly, keeping an eye out for those who were enjoying the skiing and snowboarding, and perhaps mentioned about wanting to give it a go. We then started a conversation with them, directing them towards a PyeongChang to Piste session near them.  

Snowsport England had also created a Schools Activity Pack to bring the world of skiing and snowboarding to young children, and we monitored the social channels to look for parents who said they had young kids who were enjoying it and we directed them to the Activity Pack. As a result, the activity pack alone reached 10,000 people.  

Our final angle for the campaign was to be the first deliverer of news on British athlete performances in the games, with Live blow-by-blow coverage, as well as engaging posts during the quiet periods of the Games.

3 – Our Results

Twitter We increased Snowsport England's impressions by ten-times as much as they usually get each month - generating over 450,000 impressions during the 2-week period of the Games.  

Facebook We found this a little harder to get the reach for, because it was difficult to compete with the raw content that Team GB and British Ski & Snowboard could create, but through some strategic paid adverts and good contacts on the ground we were able to organicaly reach 160,000 people from a page that averages 30,000 over the same period.

4 – Statistics

Twitter (5.4k Followers)

  • 458,000 impressions
  • 2,145 engagements from 1 tweet

Facebook (4.7k Likes)

  • 166,832 Total Reach
  • 21,241 post engagements
  • 36,600 video views
  • 11,100 minutes viewed

Instagram (2.2k followers)

  • 61,822 total impressions
  • 46,293 total reach
  • 36% highest discovery for a single post, with 2,231 impressions.

About The Author

Gareth is the creative chief and the brains behind the brand. His passions lie in pushing the boundaries of both sporting and digital worlds, and he's determined to create the highest-quality social media live-streams that can challenge the mainstream media.

How we changed the digital coverage of ski racing in the UK

Gareth Vogan

The UK Ski Racing Community

During my time at Snowsport England, a key audience to engage was from the ski racing part of the community. Week-in, week-out there would be ski races happening all across the country, at club, regional and national level.  

It was a key source of content - but how could we take that content and make it accessible to the thousands of people across the country who liked to ski?  

We saw the reaction of athlete's parents when live-timing became a must-have at races, allowing parents to instantly see their children's finishing time via the website It allowed the parents to be engaged - and it allowed parents who couldn't actually attend the race to still follow it's progress.

But we wanted to take it one-step further. We wanted grandparents, family friends - all the various stakeholders of each athlete - to be engaged, to watch the race and to feel like they were there.

So we tested the water with a very simple broadcast set-up: a camera phone, a tripod, a lapel mic and world-class commentary. It went down a storm and we were clocking up over 1000 unique viewers for each broadcast - there was plenty of positive comments about the broadcast and lots of people engaging with the brand throughout the broadcast, increasing the reach and brand awareness of Snowsport England.  

But amongst all the positivity, there was a few requests for better camera angles - this is an industry used to being able to watch the highest-quality coverage of international ski races from Eurosport, after all.  

And you've got to give the people what you want.  

We upped the ante at the next ski race and started to bring in more equipment to deliver the right broadcast - but all at a cost-effective solution.  

We introduced participation campaign video, lower-third (professional mid-roll video graphics) and picture-in-picture coverage into the broadcast, and switched between 3 camera's during the race to follow the athletes progress down the slope and already we hit a whopping 5,000 viewers.

Snowsport England were extremely happy with the results, as we were able to engage a new audience and showcase that these events are happening all around the UK each weekend - providing a platform for people to get involved in ski racing.  

Want to find out more about how we can help take your brand to a wider audience? Check out our Creative L.I.V.E. streaming services and get in touch -

About The Author

Gareth is the creative chief and the brains behind the brand. His passions lie in pushing the boundaries of both sporting and digital worlds, and he's determined to create the highest-quality social media live-streams that can challenge the mainstream media.

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