You might not know it, but Microsoft Excel isn’t just the Sum of a few formulas, and there’s so much it can help benefit your brand by simplyifying some of the dull, administrative processes, giving you more time to focus on generating new business and providing a great customer service.

I specialise in writing Macro Codes to ensure these processes can be automated at the click of a button, and the beauty of being able to write this code in free-hand is that the possibilities are endless:

  • Receipt of payment systems,
  • Employee Annual Leave tracker
  • Automated invoicing process
  • Sport’s event seeding platform

The above are just a few ways in which I can help saving you from manually inputting, copying, pasting and sending information.

If you explain your problem, I’ll come up with a variety of solutions free of charge and discuss the pro’s and con’s of each one with your before implementing them as a proposal.

How can I boost your brand?