Digital Athlete Programme

Why do I need it?

If you’re an upcoming or an established athlete then having a digital profile is as necessary as your sporting and training sessions. But it can be a daunting task – how do you start? What should you post? Who should you tag? A little helping hand and some guidance along the way will help you raise your digital athlete profile, helping attract sponsors, funding and opportunities.

What does Vogan Creative’s Digital Athlete Programme (Digi-AP) involve?

The DigiAP has two tiers to choose from: Consultancy and Management.

Digi-AP Consultancy – in this tier, we’ll take a one-off look at your social media channels, creating a report that analyses your digital presence and provides some feedback and ideas to move it forwards. 

Digi-AP Management – The Management tier allows Vogan Creative to take the reins of your social media channels, provide ongoing analysis, post on your behalf, engage with followers, grow your following and look after your digital profile.

How much does the Digi-AP cost?

Digi-AP Consultancy – £A (If you decide to upgrade to Digi-AP Management we’ll offer you the first month free!)

Digi-AP Management – £A for the first month, £B from month 2 onwards.

What’s the process within the Vogan Creative Digital Athlete Programme?

Firstly, we’d try meet you face-to-face to have a chat and find out a bit about you: your sport, your discipline, your results, your objectives – and most of all your personality. We’ll find out what channels you’ve currently got and we’ll ask you to make us an admin of the facebook page and blog, and provide the login details for twitter and instagram.

We won’t post anything on your behalf, we’ll just analyse your channels for up to a month. Once we’ve had a look at your channels, we’ll arrange a second chat, either face-to-face or via skype, and talk about a few ideas for raising your digital profile and attracting more followers and user engagement.

Here’s where you get a choice: You can either say thank you for the Digi-Ap Consultancy, take our feedback and ideas and part ways, or you can join Digi-AP Management and we can work together to grow you into a digital sensation.

Once you’ve jumped aboard Digi-Ap Management, we’ll need a couple of things from you regularly, and we’ll meet once a month (usually via skype) to see how everything is progressing.

What do you need from me?

  • Access to your social media channels and website/blog (we won’t post anything initially – it’s just much simpler for analytics!)
  • Weekly updates – this can be a simple email on a sunday evening – we can set up a tempalte: Any competition results, training plans for the week ahead, sponsorship updates, photos (with credits), etc
  • Include “Managed by Vogan Creative” in your platform Bios
  • Word-of-mouth support – if any of your athlete friends ask about your social channels, we’d love you to point them in our direction!
  • If you’ve got a logo, then a copy of your logo in the highest-res possible and with a transparent background!

Want to kow more? Drop us a line!