Gareth Vogan

I’m a 25-year old marketing professional, with a degree in Retail, Marketing & Management from Loughborough University in the UK. Marketing has been a huge interest of mine since my teenage years when I first started to analyse business’ marketing strategies. My curiosity for social media marketing specifically, was triggered during my placement year at Pirelli Tyres, when I started reporting and consulting on Pirelli’s social media channels, along with those of it’s close competitors.

I was fortunate enough to experience the Social Media aspect just as it was gaining momentum, and before it hit the Mach 3 rate it currently runs at. I started off just managing a single project Facebook page, and have grown to manage numerous brands across all the channels. Campaigns of mine have reached over 200,000 peopel on Facebook and I’ve grown Instagram pages to have thousands of followers.

The mathmatical and puzzle-solving side of my brain was challenged during my final year of university in a technological lecture, where we started to understand the basics of macro coding and what Microsoft Excel was capable of. I love the challenge that writing a new piece of code offered, spotting the different tools that could be used to ensure that the spreadsheet did everything you commanded of it.

After a serious personal injury, when I was unable to work for several months – I rediscovered creative writing: something I had painfully decided not to continue with when I dropped all forms of English at GCSE level (a decision I sometimes regret). My personal ‘Road to Recovery’ blog got some great feedback from friends – and I realised that the colloquial nature of blogs was something that my writing style complimented significantly. For some examples of my writing – have a read of my Snowboarding-related blog – Its A Judges Life, or my Ultra-Marathon Training blog, Athlete In Disguise

After talking to smaller (and bigger) business owners I discovered that social media was something that daunted your average businessman or woman. Upon further conversations, I began to understand that even big businesses have long, arduous processes that can be mind-numingly dull to an employee. I set out to change this: Whether it was through my creativity in driving social content for your brand, or by (re)designing your spreadsheets to enhance the productivity of your brand. Either way, I wanted to put the hard work in, so that your brand can benefit.

Why do I refer to myself as a snowsports professional? Am I a professional Athlete? Not quite. I use the term snowpsorts professional, because I work in snowsports in a variety of areas outside of my standard ‘9 to 5’ position with Snowsport England. I travel to events to work as a Snowboard Judge – giving out the individual scores for athlete’s runs in competitions, as well as travelling across the country to coach freestyle snowboarding as part of my coaching project Off The Toes. Having coached and judged for several years, I’ve started to diversify into the media aspect of the sport as well, doing a short skit for BBC the One Show last year, as well as more recently being invited to commentate on Eurosport, and a tiny social media content video with Extreme Channel. It’s not quite a sustainable career, but coaching, judging and the media work is something I really enjoy and I take pride in being able to put something back into an industry that has provided me with so much enjoyment, opportunity and friendship’s over the years. If you want to know a bit more about it – check out my personal blog, Its A Judges Life