Henry Dood

Henry is an 18-month old Golden Doodle, often referred to as Dopey Dood, who is the laziest and least-productive member of the team. What he lacks in a work ethic, he makes up for enthusiasm in hunting down rope toys and treats.

He’s the runt of his litter, so he’s a little smaller than your average Golden Doodle, and he’s noticeably not Golden at all. If you didn’t know, a Golden Doodle is a mixture of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, and Henry’s retrieving skills are that bad, it looks like he’s mainly poodle.

His smile can light up the room, he takes up as much space as physically possible on the office sofa and he is great at keeping everyone nice and calm when deadlines are tight!

His hobbies include running, eating, sleeping, barking, more eating and playing with rope. Strengthswise, Henry excels at Sales, providing a calming influence and clearing up any leftover food left in the office. Like any hard-worker, he does have his pitfalls – such as his communication skills and his lack of productivity, but everytime I give him his P45, he chews it up.

For obvious reasons, Henry couldn’t type any of this out and similarly couldn’t argue any of the points – you can follow what he gets up to on Instagram though at @Dopey_Doodle